Park, Swipe, Leave...It's that simple.

Those three steps are all a driver needs to do when parking a car in an Automotion Parking Systems lot. After that, the automatic parking system takes over. Integrating the latest in laser and computer technology with conventional parking and doubles, sometimes triples the capacity of similarly sized conventional garages.

Working with a manufacturer that has over 90 automated parking projects worldwide, we have a proven system that delivers cars to their owners within 2 minutes; all without anyone touching the vehicle! No scratches, dings, or accusations of stolen personal items...Because no one ever touches the cars. The system has all the advantages and security of an attached garage at home...without the lawnmower and old clothes. 

These systems are the latest trend in high-end luxury condos. Because of the system's ability to maximize space, its cutting edge technology, and the convenience to users, it makes for a perfect addition to urban luxury condominium developments. Developers benefit from the system's compact and customizable design, which often allows for the creation of a parking system where a conventional garage would not fit. Tenants benefit from the security of having their car untouched.